Learn the skills to take you from Self-Doubter to Confident Woman

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Are you struggling with low confidence?

Your inner critic is fueling feelings of self-doubt and dislike  

You think you’re not good enough to do your job or run your business  

You find yourself worrying that you’re annoying your friends and family  

You people please, a lot!

You try to avoid failure with perfectionism  

You play small and don’t take risks  

You doubt your ability and the value you can bring  

You feel trapped and frustrated with yourself wondering "Why can't you just do it?" 

What is you lack of confidence costing you?

Learn the skills to tame your inner critic and manage your fears so you can finally feel confident and spend more time doing what you really want to.

The Creating Confidence Workshop is the perfect place to start your confidence building journey

This dynamic workshop is a comprehensive introduction to the mindset of confidence. I'll teach you simple exercises and practical tools so you get a fresh perspective on your inner world and smash through the blocks that have been holding you back, so you can finally step into the authentic, confident version of yourself you've always wanted to be.

I’m Emma Kate Dawson, a qualified Coach & Mentor and I work with ambitious women who want to unlock their potential and fast track their ideal life  

I am passionate about helping women who aspire to be the best version of themselves and create success on their terms. Ordinary women who have had enough of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, under valued and who know deep down they deserve more from life.  

I've created this Creating Confidence Workshop to help you find those hidden self-limiting beliefs that are currently blocking you from feeling and acting as a confident woman and doing those things you REALLY want to. You’ll finally understand why it has felt like a struggle and how you can change confidence sabotaging habits so you can step into the authentic version of yourself you’ve always wanted to be  

Here's what a few of the classes of 2018 & 2019 said about the Creating Confidence Workshop

"Full of content and tips to improve my mindset and confidence. Lots of take aways." Vicky

"Emma was clear, concise and knew her stuff! Delivered in a warm and professional manner. Great value workshop" Lesley

"Lots of things to work on and I'm excited to see the changes from my daily confidence building actions" Sally

"I loved it! Great information, content and presentation" Beatrice

The Creating Confidence Workshop in a nutshell

Here's what we'll be covering....

Clarity and Goal Setting

The first step towards getting what you really want is to know what you really want. We're going to take a holistic look at your life so you can create a vision and set goals to move you towards your confident self and your ideal life.

Self-Sabotage and Bad Habits 

What are you doing to get in your own way, chip away at your self-confidence and sap your self-belief. We're going to shine light on your current patterns so you can change what no longer serves you.

Energetic Decluttering and Forgiveness 

It's time to let go of everything that no longer serves you. Beliefs, embarrssing memories, past failure and bad choices. We'll be releasing everything that doesn't feed a strong self-belief so you can move onwards and upwards

Self-Care and Continuing Your Journey  

Building and maintaining confidence really is life long work so we end the programme with the importance of self-care to your confidence and how you can continue the Workshop momentum.

This is your time 

By the end of the workshop you’ll  

  •  Have clarity on who the confident version of you is and how confidence feels  
  •  Understand how you’ve been sabotaging your own confidence, and how to stop doing it  
  •  Have a mindset toolbox to use each and every day to nurture your confidence  

Next Creating Confidence Workshop Date Coming Soon