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 Learn the Mindset techniques and Practical tools to Beat Impostor Syndrome once and for all!

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Are you struggling with Impostor Syndrome?

Your feel as though you're not living up to your perfect ideal

Your success feel like luck

You're plauged by the fear of getting it wrong and loosing credibility

You feel as though you should already know, and do, everything

You're comparing yourself to others and always feel as though you're coming up short

Impostor Syndrome affects talented and successful women everywhere, causing them to feel anxious and play small. But it doesn't have to be this way for you....

This Beat Imposter Syndrome Self-Study Workshop is the perfect place to start

If you’re struggling with feeling like a fraud, worried that you’ll get ‘found out’ and holding yourself back, this no nonsenses, practical workshop is the first step to understand and release the worries and beliefs that are keeping you feeling stuck so you feel genuinely confident on the inside 

I’m Emma Kate Dawson, qualifed Coach & Mentor

​I work with ambitious women who want to unlock their potential and fast track their ideal life.

I am passionate about helping women who aspire to be the best version of themselves and create success on their terms. Ordinary women who have had enough of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, under valued and who know deep down they deserve more from life.

I've created this Beat Impostor Syndrome Self-Study Workshop to help you find and release those self-doubts and limiting beliefs that are keeping you feeling like a fraud in your own life

 Success Story 

Rachel Jury - Health Advocate Patient Leader and Blogger

"I cannot believe how different I feel and how much I have learnt about how my mindset and beliefs can hold me back. I can honestly say I believe I have been given the tools to become that strong, resilient and confident person I have always wanted to be.

Since working with Emma I’ve travelled four times with work, made promotional videos, spoken at large events, been involved in research projects and I won the Positive Role Model Award for Disability at this years National Diversity awards.  

If I hadn’t worked with Emma I wouldn’t have done any of it." 

Learn how you too can Beat Impostor Syndrome

Self-Study Workshop only £17

The Beat Impostor Syndrome Workshop in a nutshell

Here's what you'll be covering....

What is Imposter Syndrome?

Get clarity on why these fraudulent feelings keep popping in your life, what's behind them and how are they holding you back.

Energetic Decluttering and Forgiveness 

It's time to let go of everything that no longer serves you. Beliefs, bad investments, past failure and wrong choices. We'll be releasing it all so you can strengthen your mindset.

Changing Your Mindset  

Powerful exercises and simply tips to transform your relationship with yourself so you can finally feel genuine confidence and self-belief

BONUS: FREE 30 Minute Laser Coaching Call  

During this call we can dive to deep to get clarity and understanding on any thing that came up for you during the workshop, to help you further with changing self limiting beliefs and to unpick any toxic habits that you feel are holding you back. Plus we can find the right strategies for you to beat procrastination and / or perfectionism.

Here's what you'll get....

You'll receive a comprehensive printable workbook and accompanying video so you can work through the information and exercises at your own pace and as many times as you need to. Plus, you can book your complimentary 1:1 laser coaching call where I can coach you through any blocks and resistance  

Here's what some of the previous delegates said about the workshop....

"Really useful and lots of practical techniques" Claire  

"I can't believe how differently I feel already! I'm really looking forward to using the tools to feel even better" Sarah

"This has given me a much needed starting point to change how I'm feeling. Thought provoking and valuable content. Thank you Emma!" Joanna  

By the end of this workshop you'll 

  •  Have clarity on how Impostor Syndrome is holding you back and how you'd like to feel instead 
  •  Understand why you've not been able to escape the negative thoughts of self-doubt and comparison before, 
  •  Have tools you can use every day to change the beliefs that have been holding you back and strengthen your self-belief 

Download your Self-Study Workshop and get started Right Now!


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