5 mindset hacks

Is your lack of confidence keeping you stuck? 

Does this sound like where you are right now.....

Yes I've been there! A lack of inner confidence really sucks doesn't it?  

You're stuck in self doubt and fear with negative thoughts playing on loop, worries filling your mind and a million 'what ifs' stopping you from taking inspired action

You're shrinking away from being visible with your business, scared of about what people might think.  

You second guess every decision you make always worried in case you make the wrong choice and often end up getting overwhelmed and doing nothing.  

All in all you're feeling as though you're doing a pretty good job of sabotaging your efforts to go after your dreams.  

But it doesn't have to be this way.....

Now is your time to master your mindset so you can build a self belief so strong that you will be unstoppable

Lovely lady I have your back!

I'm Emma Kate Dawson, Confidence and Business Creation Coach for purpose driven women who are ready to build their confidence so they can end the cycle of frustration, fear and doubt, build their businesses and increase their impact.

Whether you’re a blogger, an affiliate marketer, a creative crafter, a direct seller, a course creator, a coach or a combination of all the above, confidence and self-belief are the key to your business success. Confidence the faith or trust that we have in ourselves. It is the self-belief that we will be able to rise to the challenge and succeed and that whatever are doing, whoever we are with we will feel comfortable in our own skin, at peace and able to ‘perform’ in the way we’d like to. With it you’ll authentically promote your business in ways that light your up and serve your ideal clients in big ways. Without it you’ll feel as though your pushing water uphill!  

These 5 Mindset Hacks will help you to:


with what confidence means to you and what you truly want, so you can create more of it.

Step into

the mindset of confidence and self-belief with simple tools you can use every day 

Do More

Confidence is life's enable. Once you unlock your inner confidence it is time to go after your goals

Here's a snap shot of what my clients say about working with me

"I cannot believe how different I feel in 30 days and how much I have learnt about how my mindset and beliefs can hold me back. I can honestly say I believe I have been given the tools to become that strong, resilient and confident person I have always wanted to be." Rachel 

"Emma has a talent for bringing out the best in you and helping you realise who you genuinely are" Charlotte

"Emma helped me highlight and understand my confidence issues . Things I never thought of and her course guided me perfectly. I will be back for further coaching with Emma. Thank you so much." Geraldine

What will you achieve with more confidence and self-belief?

Where would your business and life be in 3 months, 6 months or even in a year's time if you had more self belief?

What would you do differently today with more confidence?

It is time master your mindset and build your confidence so you have the courage to go after your big dreams.

The happier, more confident version of you is waiting within - it's time to let her shine